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Hitopin Muslim Azan Table Clock,Azan Athan Prayer Clock Black Color Complete Azan for All prayers Qibla Direction HPUK-3006
  • ✔ Hijri and Gregorian calendars
  • ✔ Easy and Portable to bring,Use AAA Battery only, No Adapter
  • ✔ Qibla direction(relative to the North)
  • ✔ Prayer times for most cities around the world
  • ✔ Complete azan for all prayers (with volume control)
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Socobeta Azan Clock Prayer Times Table Clock Muslim Digital Alarm for Home Bedroom Living Room Decoration White 9.3 x 8.9 x 0.9inch
  • REMINDER FUNCTION:The Auto Azan Clock prayer timer clock has the azan time reminder function to remind you that the time is up, so that you will not miss the time to complete all the azan prayers, buzzer alarm, the best help to remind you to pray. Two alarm methods: one-time alarm and repeated alarm.
  • TIME DISPALAY CLOCK:The Digital Table Clock time displayed by our prayer alarm clock prayer timer is diversified, not only displaying the current time, date, week, Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature, Islamic calendar and Gregorian calendar.
  • EASY TO USE:Automatic Clock Desktop clock The world clock has a backlight function, easy to operate, and the time and date can be easily manually set. This alarm clock is widely used and is an ideal clock for homes, offices, schools, and hospitals.
  • PRAYING MUSIC:Table Prayer Timer Azan clock prayer timetable clock ready for mecca prayer music. This prayer alarm clock is equipped with MAKKAH prayer music. I believe that when you hear this music, there will be an atmosphere of prayer, and our clock will meet your needs.
  • 1500 CITYS AZEN TIME:This Desk Decorations Clock Muslim prayer alarm clock Islamic prayer clock can choose the time of multiple cities, prepare AZAN time for major cities in the world, there are 1500 cities to choose from, I believe the time covers your city, there are 5 prayer times and all Azan on the screen automatic.
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Muslim Islamic Prayer Clock, 1pc Praying Azan Athan Alarm Wall Clock Silver with Pen World Time Function Show Muslim Lunar Calendar AZAN Time Remind, 3.0 x 8.3 x 1.2 in
  • Convenient timekeeping: Our Islamic prayer clock not only displays the current time, date, and week, but it also includes a Daylight Saving time function, ensuring you stay on track with your daily schedule.
  • Lunar calendar and world time: Stay connected to the Muslim lunar calendar with our clock's lunar calendar feature. Additionally, the world time function allows you to easily access and prepare for AZAN time in major cities around the world. With a choice of 1500 cities, you have the flexibility to set five different AZAN times each day.
  • Praying made peaceful: Immersed in a serene atmosphere, our clock offers MAKKAH music for praying, creating a tranquil environment to enhance your prayer experience. Additionally, the AZAN time remind function ensures that you never miss your important prayer sessions.
  • Added functionality: Our prayer clock includes a 5-minute snooze function, allowing you a quick moment of reprieve before resuming your daily activities. The clock also provides temperature readings, with the ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit for your convenience.
  • Contemporary design: With its sleek silver finish, our prayer clock serves as both a functional timekeeping device and a modern wall decor piece. It seamlessly blends into any room, whether it's your prayer space, office, or living area, adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.
Bestseller No. 4
Islamic Muslim Prayer LCD Table Alarm Clock Desktop,Digital Automatic Azan Adhan Clock , Table Azan Prayer Counter with quran speaker
  • ❃Because pauses in prayer, read the Quran or meditate, and often get too involved, we may forget how many prayers have done, so we need a handy counter to keep track of the number of kowtow we have made.

  • ❃Developed specifically for Muslims, an intelligent sensing worship assistant.Clapping hands inductively count 33 times, kowtow count, manual count, Quran play and azan time.

  • ❃Sound control, in order to reduce power consumption, the clock will not be turned off automatically for a long time, there will be a sound greater than 60 decibels around, and it will automatically light up to display the time

  • ❃The clock display interface will switch automatically after 3 seconds while standing.After three seconds of vertical screen in any mode, it will return to the clock interface.

  • ❃Can connect to Bluetooth control,Built-in speaker voice reminder, Built-in 512M TF card to join the Quran, exorcise evil and protect the capital, zikil;Quran is available in it for any time's reading.

Bestseller No. 5
Anlising Islamic Azan Alarm Table Clock, Islamic Digital Clock, Muslim Azan Alarm Table Clock, Digital Muslim Prayer Alarm, Ramadan Gift Prayer Alarm Clock for All Prayers Qibla Direction(3006 Black)
  • ✔Azan Alarm Table Clock: The Azan Muslim Prayer Alarm Clock to prepare time for major cities around the world, there are 1500 cities to choose from, and five groups of prayer times every day. Perfect for home and office. Also makes a great gift for family and friends.
  • ✔LCD Display: LCD function. Islamic Azan alarm clock of the full screen light helps in the dark and shows the current time, date, week and world time, Alliance time, Muslim calendar and Gregorian calendar.
  • ✔DST and Temperature Display: Muslim Azan alarm clock can freely switch the displayed temperature, degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit. Display DST, 12-hour or 24-hour time display.
  • ✔Muslim Prayer Dedicated: Azan prayer alarm clock can display Muslim calendar and Gregorian calendar, remember azan time, display alliance time and have Makkah prayer background music.
  • ✔Advanced Azan alarm clock with preset times for most cities in the world, have Hijri and Gregorian calendars. The volume can be controlled with a selector switch or it can beep 3 times instead of azan. You get a prayer alarm clock and a user manual.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Hitopin Muslim Azan Clock Islamic Prayer Table Azan Athan Clock Islamic Clock Black Color,for Prayer, Islamic
  • ✔Complete Azan for all five prayers. The volume can be controlled with a selector switch or it can beep 3 times instead of azan.
  • ✔The full screen light helps with viewing in the dark and shows the current time, date, week and daylight saving time. Temperature display: temperature, degrees, Fahrenheit can be freely switched.
  • ✔ Prepare AZAN time for big cities all over the world, 1500 cities of your choice, five groups of AZAN time every day. MAKKAH music to pray. AZAN time remind function. Muslim Azan Clock Perfect for home and office, also a great gift for family and friends.
  • ✔Daily alarm and special Fajr alarm, this unique feature enables you to wake up at exactly the same time every day as Fajr azan. Say you set the alarm to 5:10 am and the fajr-azan is at 5:05 am. If the next day Fajr azan becomes 5:06 am, this alarm will automatically change to 5:11 am. In this case, you will wake up 5 minutes after Fajr azan every day.
  • ✔Advanced Azan alarm clock with preset times for most cities worldwide. Includes daylight saving time setting and volume control. You will receive a prayer bell and a user manual.
Bestseller No. 7
Masjidal 14" Digital Azan Clock, WiFi, Dynamic Touchscreen, Worldwide Prayer Times, Full Quran Player, Islamic Art, Streaming Halal Muslim Content Including Duas, Dhikr, Hadith, Verse of the Day, Blk
  • A MODERN ATHAN CLOCK: The Masjidal Athan Frame is the most advanced azan table or wall clock ever created with perfectly accurate prayer times and always-on cloud connectivity via your home's WiFi connection.
  • NEVER MISS A PRAYER: With beautiful audio & visual countdowns for every prayer and multiple pre-loaded adhans to choose from, you're namaz prayers will always be timely--you can even load your own recorded athan!
  • GORGEOUS DYNAMIC SCREEN: Our azaan screen is packed with the latest technology resulting in a booming Islamic call to prayer that fills your home and a pixel-perfect screen that shows inspiring Islamic art on rotation.
  • THE ESSENTIAL ISLAMIC DEVICE: Includes the full Quran with dozens of reciters along with a powerful scheduler so you can have Surah Al-Kahf play every Friday, for example, or even set times for morning and evening Adhkars.
  • STREAMING ISLAMIC CONTENT: The Athan Frame also displays your local weather, prayer and iqamah timings from many Masjids/Mosques, stories of the Prophets, Islamic Radio, children's bedtime stories, Makkah streaming, and more!
Bestseller No. 8
Quran Cube® Azan Alarm Table Clock, Islamic Automatic Prayer Clock, Digital Muslim Athan Prayer Clock, Ramadan Gift Prayer Alarm Clock for All Prayers (Black)
  • Azaan Times Calculated According To Your Location
  • Worldwide Prayer times
  • Multiple Adhan Sounds Including Makkah / Madina etc.
  • Prayer Alarms
  • Arabic/English Language
Bestseller No. 9
FDYD Azan Prayer Clock,Wall Clock,Read Home/Office/Mosque Digital Azan Clock/Decorative Clock,Gold
  • [COMPLETE AZAN FOR ALL PRAYERS ]The Best Help To Remind You To Pray. Azan Sound Can Be Turned Off On All Or Individual Namaaz.
  • [DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME OPTION ]Easy To Change Time At Daylight Savings.
  • [DAILY ALARM: ALARM TO WORK AND SCHOOL]The daily alarm is a regular alarm that rings at the same time everyday. Moreover, this alarm can be set not to ring on weekends.
  • [AZAN TIMES ARE NOT CORRECT]Make sure you have set the following correctly: 1. City code 2. Gregorian calendar & time 3. Taqweem system 4. Daylight saving time option (DST) If all are right, refer to users' guide.
Bestseller No. 10
Islamic Azan Alarm Clock Muslim Azan Wall Clock Prayer Clock Digital Muslim Prayer Alarm Athan Islam for Prayer HA-4004 Clock Silver
  • Multiple Display: Displays current time, date, week. Daylight Saving time function.
  • Speicial Snooze Function: 5 minutes snooze function. Temperature, Celsius, Fahrenheit can be switched freely.
  • AZAN Time Set: Prepare AZAN time for major cities around the world, 1500 cities totally for your choice, five group AZAN time every day.
  • Muslim Lunar Calendar: Show Muslim lunar calendar. World time function.
  • Praying Music & Time Remind Function:MAKKAH music for praying. AZAN time remind function.

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